About Company

Arost designs and builds refrigeration systems of any complexity in the whole territory of Armenia and NKR.
Arost presents

We cooperate with

A well-known German company BITZER, a manufacturer of refrigeration compressors with a history of one century.

Sarbuz company (1974) produces laminated heat exchangers, air coolers, condensers, liquid heat exchangers and dry coolers.

Gunter company operating for more than 50 years, which produces heat exchangers (Germany)

Climalife, a company with more than a century, which is one of the leading manufacturers of Freon, synthetic oils, detergents in EU

Sps Holod, one of the leading companies in Russia, which is a supplier of refrigeration equipment and spare parts.

Аccurate calculation system
Hermetic and ecological safety
Low Cost
Affordable cost for our solutions
reliable units and spare parts
High labor productivity and efficiency

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