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Arost employs the best specialists in the field of refrigeration equipment in Armenia, who pay attention to energy saving & environmental issues.

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Аccurate calculation system
Hermetic and ecological safety
Low Cost
Affordable cost for our solutions
reliable units and spare parts
High labor productivity and efficiency

High technology և solutions in the field of refrigeration systems

Our good reputation is the result of years of responsible work. We provide the production of high quality industrial refrigeration systems, complete package of supply services, maintenance and repair.
Minimum area
Occupies the minimum volume and space.
Flow lines
Advanced water flow regulation
Water cooling

Cooling of the liquid with our cooling system

The liquid cooling system is a centralized, multi-zone system, where the cooling process is carried out indirectly. In addition to refrigeration equipment, these systems use pipelines, pumping stations, automatic control substations.


Fruit and vegetable refrigerators

The most common fruit and vegetable storage is the refrigerated one. The methods of preserving vegetables and fruits ensure the moisture, taste and high quality of each type of fruit and vegetables.

Low Cost
Perfect solutions & money saving
Automatic shut-off valves

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